Thursday, 8 June 2017

Will You Need a Religion To Go To School?

The UK is a modern industrialised society, with all the benefits this brings to its population.

The rule of law, protection from harm, health care, education of the population, are all essential facets of modern living in the UK. These entitlements are granted to all citizens regardless of their beliefs.

But for how much longer?

You may think that the UK is a secular society, where you are free to have a religion but it generally does not impinge on the day to day life of the population.

But for how much longer?

The government has announced that we are going to have even more Free Schools for different faiths run by “believers”.

We have Islamist terrorists blowing up and stabbing to death, non-believers, in the name of their religion. The law of Allah comes before the law of man.

In this report from Schools Week Catholics are NOT going to let you into their schools unless you have a form from the local priest saying you have been a practising Catholic for at least 5 years.

What the hell is going on in this country?

Will you soon have to be a regular worshipper to get into a school in the UK? Are we going back to the Middle Ages?

For how much longer, are we going to put up with this madness?

Do All UK Schools Teach British Values in Assembly?

You probably have a picture of what goes on in School Assembly in the UK. If you went to a UK school, or are in one now, you can think of your school's Assemblies, and probably imagine them as being typical. Many students might say that Assemblies are "boring". But the Assembly Leader is trying to get over a message to the students.

Do all UK schools teach similar things in Assembly? Should they?

We assume that school Assemblies in UK schools teach British values.
Amongst these values, most UK citizens would identify tolerance and democracy as key components.
If you are an Assembly leader in a UK school you probably give a lot of thought to the messages you are giving to young people. If you are a parent of a child in a UK school you assume that Assembly leaders are teaching British values.

But are all schools teaching British values in Assembly?
Does it matter?
Would you be happy if schools were teaching hatred of others?
Here is an example. Is this typical? Is your school Assembly like this one? Are we showing British tolerance by allowing Assemblies like this?

Would you be happy for your child to be in an Assembly like this? This is happening in some schools in the UK as we can see in the video.

The school in the video is still operating and it's website is here.

On this website the school says it "provides a great emphasis on Tarbiyyah (moral and spiritual training) of students. And in doing so instilling in them excellent adab and akhlaaq (manners and good character) and a strong attachment to Allaah and the Sunnah of the Prophet Sallallaah Alahi Wa sallam."

Is this the "moral and spiritual training" you thought was going on in UK School Assemblies?
Should we show our British reserve and look the other way?